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Visiting flower paradise in Ba Na Hills

Thứ ba,07/11/2017

Coming to Ba Na, you not only immerse in space of ancient France apartments and adventurous games in Fantasy Park - a compound amusement park where you can enjoy colorful space from famous garden in Ba Na.

At here, colorful flowers are grown everywhere so you only need to get down the cable cars and take a walk around the park, you can contemplate all beauties of flowers. Ba Na Hills has a cool climate all year round. The temperature fluctuate under 20 degree. Ba Na is considered as house of paradise and fairy space with experience of 4 seasons in one day. Thanks to favour of nature, Ba Na has many different kinds of beautiful flowers. 

In Ba Na, there are flowers everywhere, however they are taken good care of, decorated beautifully and suitable to each space of this place. In France village, you can enjoy aromatic flavour and color of flowers from Europe such as pansee,Begonias, Geraniums,... In spirit places, there are many flower which are light, natural restful such as lotuses. Besides, when entering Tam Quan Gate, you will be very surprised by 200 beautiful peach trees.

khu vườn hoa

Every year, on March, flowers flourish and this is the most beautiful season in year. Taking a walk, you can immerse in romantic space of nice flowers in a fresh atmosphere.  Colorful flowers with special flavour will  make you comfortable. Every year, Ba Na covers a new appearance in order not to make tourists bored. Thanks to that, every year, quantity of tourists don’t decrease, otherwise some people really love Ba Na and come here once a year.
In campus of Ba Na Hills, the most impressed thing may be the Mori hotel with 5 flower styles. Especially, Europe boys and girls  are impressed by beauty of Kavkaz Vista restaurant walls covered by color of Begonia, Impatiens. Images of familiar flowers are not strange for Ba Na residents, but romantic Europe streets are mixed with many colors such as red, dark pink, purple, organe, all these things attract lots of tourists to visit and take photos. Yellow Flower’s streets from temple to flower shops in romantic yellow, which attracts many tourists to take photos because of wonderful background. 

hoa cẩm tú cầu

With the effort of resort, from 10 special kinds of flowers, now Ba Na has more 150 different kinds of ones for tourists to come and contemplate. And the special flower is hydrangea, this kind of flowers is very hard to be grown popularly in many places, but now they are in Ba Na all year round with changes of colors according to changes of moisture. Besides, other kinds of flower such as Thach Anh, they get used to climate of Ba Na and flourishing in 4 seasons from spring to winter. And other kind of flowers as Foxglove, they have frail petals, but they still develop in Ba Na for a long time.
Day by day, Ba Na Hills resort is finding kinds of flowers which are suitable to soil of this place to serve tourists. Ba Na resort is researching more beautiful flowers which are suitable to soil of this place to serve tourist. Ba Na is having an important position for tourists over the world.

hoa tím

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