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Coming to Ba Na and savour special free wine.

Thứ ba,07/11/2017

Have you heard a very hot new? It is coming to Ba Na to savour delicious free wine. In last days, there is a official new about day for drinking high-grade wine freely of take part in interesting pressing grapes process. This festival is hold in  Le Jardin D’Amour, this is one of nine most occult gardens in Sun World Ba Na Hills. Let’s follow us in this special trip.

With tons of fresh grapes, you can experience different motions through grape wine productions stages. These manually grape production stages include many steps such as grinding the grapes in an oak barrel and running hand-pressing to create fresh grape juice. Because you can create them so you will really love them. This your motion may be the only one in your life.

lễ hội rượu vang

You can not only savour bottles of grape wine made by boys and girls in aprons, you but also visit gresh grape gardens in Ba Na. Let’s join in “wine battle” - a special festival in Europe. This festival has extremely interesting rules. You can wear white shirts and be equipped water guns. Your mission is using water guns and dyeing opponents’s shirts. Is it so easy, isn’t it? Although these games are infantile, but they surely make you happy.

You can play games and immerse in festivals with fashionable female dancers wearing dresses with the shapes of grapes.  In special time 10h-13h, if you buy cable car tickets to take part in events, you will be given coupon to savour free wine of famous companies from Viet Nam or other countries in the world. Besides of delicious cups of beer, you can choose fast foods at the area of main stage.  

thưởng thức rượu vang

Not only savouring delicious foods and drinks in eating and drinking stalls. You but also enjoy wonderful music performances of famous artists to introduce cultures of different regions in a bustling grape harvest space. Music and eventful flashmob performances will make you relax and forget tiredness, worries in life.
If you are a tip of person who like taking photos with backgrounds of occult Dia Dang gardens, you will be very suitable to this festival. These spirited oak barrels of wine  and handsome male sellers may be the most interesting invitation for tourists around the world.

hầm rượu vang bà nà

From success of the first festival organized in Ba Na Hills, every year, festival attract many tourists through new and different activities as “waiting for the end of festival”. On this year, festival is having large-scale plans. Many kinds of new activities will be carried out to serve tourists.We believe that these new things will make Ba Na be more attractive and always “hot”.

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