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To be deep in love with Ba Na Hills B’festival.

Thứ sáu,20/10/2017

Are you a real fan of traveling to new area. Do you like carrying your bags and taking a trip in your free time? If you really like that, you should not miss our following article with interesting informations about Sun World Ba Na Hills. From 1-8 to 3-9 at Du Dome Square - France Village where B’festival will be hold. Is it very wonderful, isn’t it? Moving your computer’s mouse and referring the following informations:

Ba Na Hills is always an interesting destination where many tourists can’t miss when come to Da Nang city. Especially, since the official informations of B’festival was annouced, many people have booked tickets to come here. It will be not difficult if you contact with a tourism company and get tickets in tour in a certain way. And this tour had in Quang Da Travel so you can refer in  address 110 - 125 Pham Nhu Xuong - Da Nang City - Viet Nam 

With the purpose of shortening distances with beer, you will immerse in music and great dances. The main purpose of this event is introducing 2 famous kinds of beer which produced by Germany technology in Viet Nam. Especially, there are many beautiful girl from Viet Nam and other countries, who will come to join in games and serve you beer enthusiastically. 

lễ hội bia đặc sắc tại bà nà

To make parties more eventful, you can require some dished designed for only festival such as grilled dishes, Germany sausages, salty bread, foreign dishes.  
Like this, at the same time, you can enjoy both beer and immerse in Western spaces of eating and drink.
 In great and eventful atmosphere of this party, you surely feel comfortable and less stress. You should be in the end of the journey to feel all attractions of this party through performances of young dancers or colorful Carnival performances on streets. Being passionate in eventful pieces of music and free dances of burning boys and girls.

bà nà hills

To be more confident in B’festival of Ba Na, you can wear clothes of Germany. If you want to stand out among people in festival, you can buy or rent colorful clothes to take part in this festival, which is designed very eye-catching. 

nhảy múa tại lễ hội bia

Coming to festival, you can enjoy only delicious beer, talk to lovely foreign girls or feel with eventful melodies and be taken photos with specially decorated flowers or buckwheat palaces or even nice backgrounds. Really, this festival always hot and the dream of many tourists from Viet Nam or other countries. Therefore, you should arrange your works and have a trip to Ba Na in this time.

tưng bừng tại lễ hội bia tại bà nà

thưởng thức bia tịa bà nà

Ba Na is attracting many tourists from lots of places in the world by attractive preferenrial programs and activities. Every year, this place welcome many tourists from Viet Nam and from other countries to come here and relax. Especially, on the tourism season, many people miss chance to come here because of not booking tickets or new services here so they can’t take your trip to Ba Na. In order not to miss your plans of trip to Ba Na, you should check and find out different informations about prices of Ba Na tours… in Da Nang. One of those is Quang Da Travel.

As introduced things, in each eventin Da Nang or even in Ba Na, Quang Da always upload more details ba na hill tour 1 day or da nang day trips by hotline : +84 913278151. Therefore, when staying at home, you can update informations about promotional programs of tourism, easy ways to book tours,...

Prices of this tour is cheaper than other companies, especially for foreign tourists, they should have a trip in tour because they don’t have much knowledge about Viet Nam. Now, besides of informations about B’festival, Quang Da Travel always upload new informations about  tourism of Ba Na and Da Nang for you to refer.
 These things are interesting informations about journey for savouring beer in B’festival and other useful tourism information. 

Wish you have a happy trip in Ba Na!

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