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Checking in 4 beautiful tourists destinations in spring right now

Chủ nhật,08/10/2017

“January is a month of playing”, on the occasion of New Year’s Day, everyone come back home and gather round their family after hard-working year.
  At that time, they have need to find out different destinations for them and their family. The following text with 4 interesting places will help them save time to thinking much where they will go. Save and do it now!

New level of the world in Dragon Park.

If your big family want to find out a destination in spring, you shouldn’t miss Dragon Park. Athere, you will comfortable different games laid down on 23 ha lands in Bai Chay. Are they suitable for teenagers to play freely? This is one of Sun World Ha Long Bay park systems, This is also the first park in Asia park managed directly of Parques Reunidos company. 
Coming to this park, you will have experiences of new, modern and adventurous games. Being careful if you are a weak person but you should come here if you have chance. Especially,the big glider game has the longest race-track in Asia. Besides, there are many colorful games spaces for children from Bach Tuyet princess, 7 short boys, Cinderella,..


Joining in pan-pipe festival on the top of Fansipan.

Do you want to have a a special Lunar New’s Year on top of Fansipan? It is so fantastic if you can reach to a height of 3143m, but now you can experience a new game is pan-pipe on top of Fansipan. It will be surely very happy!

To take part in Fansipan in Fansipan Legend, you can be on cable car to immerse youself in atmosphere of New Year’Day of Northwest area. This festival will begin on the third and finish on the twelve of Tet.  You can contemplate perfomances of 12 different teams in pipe-pan contest. Besides, you can play different games such as Stilt, Ne Con, Nhay Sap,...  Is it so interesting if you have a time to come to Northwest area of Viet Nam, isn’t it?



Asia Park - Da Nang

If those games are entertaining, you can contemplate a traditional Tet holiday of Viet Nam at Asia Park in Da Nang. It is very different from workaday modern beauty, Asia Park was decorated by big stacks of straw, beautiful peach trees.

At here, from the 1st to10th of Tet, there are kermiss will stalls, traditional games of Viet Nam for you to experience comfortably. Maybe, it is so great to have holidays with your friends and relatives in Asia Park!


Watching bell peaches in Ba Na Hills.

If you come to Da Nang in the spring, you shouldn’t miss Ba Na Hills. In this time, Ba Na of peaches blossom beautifully. It is a suitable place for people who is having a big love for flowers. Especially, you should visit and contemplate beauty of bell peach trees!

There are bell peach trees everywhere in Ba Na, especially, frail petals of bell peaches will make you not to take your eyes off from the first you see it. For watching bell peach trees, you can come to spiritual places such as Linh Chua Linh Tu, Linh Phong Tu Pagoda, Tru Vu Dai, Tru Vu Tra Quam,... At here, petals of bell peaches were stagnated by dewdrops. Being a flower kind of Water-rail, these flowers grow up as small bells in wind and make everyone very interested.



Beside of watching flowers, you can play many modern and adventurous games such as in Fantasty. Please spend time coming to Ba Na Hills with your family, this place will surely bring you memorable experiences in this spring.

 In this time, Ba Na is so crowded with tourists so you should book advanced tickets through tourism companies right now. You can get the most reasonable prices.Quang Da is a famous booking tour company in Da Nang. There are not only Da Nang tours as Ba Na, there are but also many other famous places for you to choose.

With Quang Da company, foreign tourists are sure to be very worried about a strange country so we must bring you the best services and interesting things. 

Wish you have wonderful trips in danang tour

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