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Enjoyable experiences when rowing Kayak on Han river

Thứ tư,11/10/2017

Tourists have long since come to Da Nang but they are less interested in an attractive pleasure at romantic Han river of Da Nang. On this time, I will introduce you a playing destination but not on 2 banks of the river as regularly. You can experience rowing Kayak on the water surface of the rivers. Let’s discover this interesting!

Watching lightning up city while rowing Kayak

Before the race of rowing Kayak on Han river, you had been gathered under Dragon Bridge to practice starting exercises. Trainers are so playful and they will teach you how to hold your handlebars steady, overcome wave safely and keep your Kayak balanced. You can refer more information of this games in the time 17h-19h from Monday to Friday in week.


It seems to be hard to play but in fact, if you are trained a little by trainers you will be confident to show your performance on Han river.The most especially thing which everybody love is both rowings on the water surface and watching lighting up the city at the same time, street lightings reflect water surface very glistening.Normally, route of rowing Kayak is from Dragon Bridge to Han River Bridge and conversely. These are enough for you to enjoy all flavours of this beautiful city. In fact, there are more long routes such as rowing to Tien Sa, to Van Village or rowing for watching corals but those long routes are suitable for professional rowers. 

 This activity is managed by rowing Kayak club, at first, it is only a small club for people who love rowing but for a long time, thanks to more people’s supports, it became one of entertainment games in Da Nang. Especially most of the foreigners very love this activity because it is strange and you can feel the “breath” of Da Nang city clearly when rowing on the water surface of Han river.


Comfortably taking part in other kinds of entertainments in space of this activity.

Besides of this interesting rowing Kayak, you can stand on Dragon Bridge or Han River Bridge to watch attractive performances of breathing fire, breathing water on Saturday and Sunday every week. The images of spiritual dragons breathing fire are so special. Besides, you can take part in street activities on Bach Dang streets, romantic Love Bridge with teenagers. 

Besides  these entertainment places, you will have a chance to experience interesting trips to Hoi An ancient town, coming to Ba Na paradise of entertainment, playing comfortably on Ly Son Island or compound amusement parks in the center of Da Nang city such as 3D museum, Asia Prak, other nearby destinations



Some notes of booking tours 

For Vietnamese, it is not difficult to have trips in Da Nang but it is not easy for foreigners to travel here. But you shouldn’t be very worried about that problem because we will help you now. If you still be worried about language barrier, geography knowledge of this place, you can contact with tourism companies to book danang tour more easily.

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These above information are shares about traveling experiences for all of you to refer. Don’t wait any time, arrange your works and prepare for your trips to Da Nang right now!

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