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Thứ ba,28/02/2017

It looks like nobody has ever known Danang is known Marble. It is well known to the many who want to see it as a symbol of this land. Space fanciful, poetic, temples and caves, trees and temple bells, wave ...
Nearly 200 years ago, King Minh Mang has been here. He had himself named the mountains, to the caves, and temples. Nobody knows names like Marble, Huyen Khong, Hoa Nghiem, Lang Hu, Tang Chan, Van Nguyet, Dragon ... did the king have to think so much lost time. But one thing is for sure, between the country and the people's worries, the human soul, the landscapes Marble has occupied an important part as a so proud of a beautiful land.

Here, the cultural and historical markers are bold works on each temple, tower early nineteenth century, on each Cham sculptures of centuries XIV, XV. The poetic writings of Le, Tran also imprinted on the mossy cliffs and caves. The cultural and historical monuments such as mother's grave general Tran Quang Dieu, Princess Ngoc Lan Temple (sister of King Minh Mang), national self-ordained autographs preserved in Tam Thai Pagoda of the Nguyen Dynasty, to the di historic revolutionary struggle as Tunnels husband rocky, cave Ba Tho, Kim Son mountain, cave Hades, ... All eloquent proof of a legendary Marble mountains, about a supernatural land region's full of epic masterpiece.
Like many other places, these mountains surround yourself it's a lot of different myths. Space dreaming of romantic scenery and painted with fairy tales gave Marble the idea that little place you can be. In the philosophical thinking of the Chinese Five Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth is the cosmic elements. The number 5 is extremely important figure in the thinking and oriental life. Looking like that, in a coincidence, 5 tops Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Vulcan, Tho Son in his self-contained what it looks mysterious anomalies.
It was here, caves, natural scenery and temples system just random, has consciously created a harmonious beauty, with the charming, inviting, but there are discreet, confidential originality, hide unexpected emotion throughout the journey of tourists visit.

On summer days, imagine me with my friends set off on the 108 stone steps lead up tops Thuy Son, sit where radio Vong Giang Truong Giang rivers flowing look blue in the twilight, or standing on the beach looking at monitoring stations Vong Hai cut along the waves of sand. By evening, the city rushed to the sea, each top fishermen patiently pushing basket boat out to sea, behind the leafy streets of the active movers, inside the temple, the smell of incense quietly flavor shine. .. One day in Marble like me appreciate life so much more

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