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Ba Na Nui Chua

Thứ ba,28/02/2017

Ba Na - Nui Chua is a mountain range in Hoa Vang District Da Nang from 40 km to the southwest, 1,487 meters higher than sea level. The annual average temperature between 17 and 20 degrees C.O Ba Na, visitors will feel the four seasons in a day: morning - spring, L - summer, afternoon - revenue pm - winter and another with Da Lat is not wet because of a little rain. Especially when the rain appeared, we were watching the rain falling around the top ridge but still dry, still sky Serene, airy atmosphere cool. Compared to Tam Dao, Da Lat, Bana has an advantage over the panoramic views. From above the peaks, visitors can cover a vast space: seas, Danang, green rice fields to the horizon ...

While temperatures from May to August are the hottest months in the Central Coast is usually up to 32oC to 17oC here only 20oC, 22oC highest from - 25 ° C. Also down to 15 ° C at night, equivalent to an average temperature of winter in the North. The climate is mild gurgling streams, rustling trees make this place can compare with resort areas such as Tam Dao, Da Lat ... Bana is also valuable nature reserve with 544 species higher plants, 256 species of animals, including 6 species and 44 rare animal species listed in the red book of Vietnam in accordance with international standards.                

To Ba Na, visitors will feel the sensation of getting lost in the clouds and smog. Feelings of each person as to where this may vary depending on many factors, but the thought that, between the tropical monsoon which chose a place like Bana as accommodation is hard place by will always be a common idea ...
With great advantage that, since the early twentieth century French was selected Bana and build resorts where hundreds of villas, castles ... Natural disasters, enemy sabotage over the past half century has lost traces of castles, ancient guesthouses ... but still it's natural generosity with primeval forests and a temperate climate region with thousands of cool sounds of rustling hill blend together murmuring music of the streams overflow onto the marble, then quietly vanished into the forests and green.
Currently, a number of villas in the resort of Ba Na has been fully renovated with amenities and modern services are ready to serve guests. Many of the villas of the State as well as the private sector has been built here, enough to meet the needs of the tour, the tourist resort lkhach. In particular, modern cable car system will take you from Vong Nguyet hill, hidden in the clouds and cross the virgin forests below to get to the center of Ba Na resort.
Bana - a convergence seems vague, romantic creatures, some feel nostalgic brick moss of time and conscious participation of the people at the beauty. From the top of Ba Na Da Nang look, people feel like there is another life, happy to enjoy the other ... things hectic urban life never learned
Foothills of Ba Na, Mo Stream is a very busy tourist destination, especially in summer. There Toc Tien 9 floors, this waterfall called Toc Tien because the stand from the bottom looking up foot waterfall like a waterfall of a fairy hair. Landscapes combines immense mountains with white water, cool helps us forget it's the fatigue life to enjoy the relaxing moments elves.

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