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How to book the Da Nang tours with the low prices

Chủ nhật,26/11/2017

Traveling by tour is a new and popular form which is chosen by many tourists. When traveling by tours, you don’t need to worry about everything such as schedule, accomodation, meals, means,... This form of traveling is very special and necessary, especially for tourists from the foreign country which is very far from Viet Nam.

One of the famous tourist attractions is Da Nang. Danang is not only the place for playing, watching the sight-seeings, but also this place’s services are high-quality. One of the best services of this place is booking tour. which travel company in Da Nang is cheap and high-quality.  

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Now, I will introduce you Quang Da Travel company which is a famous travel company with the reasonable and good services. 

Quang Da Travel - a company of high-quality and cheap booking tour in Da Nang 

Quang Da Travel is one of the company about travel consultancy, booking tours in Da Nang. This company is located at 110-125 Pham Nhu Xuong Street. With many years of working in the field of travel consultancy, booking tours, Quang Da surely provides you the new and interesting information about tourism and comfortable tours. 

Another good point of Quang Da Travel is having an enthusiastic and active staff so they will consult useful information to tourists and they have will consult a lot of useful information for tourists when they need. Quang Da has many tours to many famous tourist destinations in Viet Nam and other countries in the world, so tourists will have more chances to experience other landscapes of interesting things of other countries. 

In each tour, the company has designed the most reasonable and scientific schedule so that tourists will be not tired in the long trips. All destinations of Quang Da Travel company are famous and beautiful and tour guides are very enthusiastic, happy and they will be ready to help you when you ask.

The prices of Quang Da Travel are very reasonable, our company often has promotions for tourists in booking tours. During the peak holidays, you will be tired when traveling in Da nang because in that time Da Nang city is very crowded , but Quang Da Travel will help you and make your trips easier.   

Some tours in Quang Da Travel has many tourists

At present, Quang Da Travel has many different tours. Each tour has a special schedule, which is always uploaded on the fan page of Quang Da travel . Now, we will introduce you some tours which attract lots of tourists to visit

1.DaNang tour

When visitors come to Da Nang, they will make in love with this country. So the tour of “Around Da Nang” is chosen by many tourists and danang tours. Besides, tourists in Da Nang often come to some places near Da Nang such as Son Tra peninsula or Hoi An town and they also love the beautiful places. In the feedbacks of the tourists, they felt very comfortable and happy when taking walk along the beaches, streets in Da nang and drink the coffee.  

2.Phong Nha cave and the paradise

It takes more than 5 hours to go here by car but tours in Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province always attract many tourists. This is a place which has some records about the cave, Quang Binh bring tourists and new and strange motion with the interesting story of nature. Phong Nha cave has the colorful emulsions, the special shapes, all these things make tourists losing in another world under ground.  

3.Hue Tour

Hue is an ancient city which is near Da Nang city. If Da Nang is modern and crowded, Hue is romantic, ancient and gentle. This is an ideal for tourists who want to relax after hard-working days. Some special things of Hue are purple color, rain. 

In addition, in Quang Da, there are many other tours for you to choose comfortably. New Year is approaching, you should have the schedule a trip with your family and friends after a hard-working year. Wish you have a happy trip!

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