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What to do in Da Nang in 24h

Thứ bảy,25/11/2017

Vietnamese people often say "Take a day, learn more things." The more you go, the more intelligent you are. So, recently, the trend of "outbound", travel when people have free time appears more and more. Vietnam is a country has the advantage of the sea, mountains, forests, .. with the diversity of this type of terrain so the number of visitors create strongly. One of the biggest tourist cities is Da Nang. If you want to find out the interested things in one day at Danang city, let follow Quang Da Travel in this schedule.

From 6am- 7am - strolling in the beach of Da Nang

The sea is the most beautiful at dawn, so let's enjoy this moment at My Khe beach. My Khe beach stretches out with white sandy. You will be surprised to see that this place attracts so many tourists but the sand is still clean. That is the beauty of cultural tourism of Da Nang.

da nang day trip

An early day in the sea of My Khe is a picture begins a new day is very vibrant and full of vitality. The full of fishing is drow net up for the morning market. There are many tourists walk to see the fresh fish and buy it to cook for the their family. The rustic pictures but that gives you a sense of closeness and fun. If you want to dip in the blue sea, do not be afraid to rent a small float and wear a hot bikini!

From 7 am- 7:30 am - Having breakfirst

da nang day trip

It is not difficult to find a proper breakfast restaurant in Da Nang. But if you have not tried Quang noodles ever, this dish must be prioritized No.1. There are many Quang noodles restaurant in Da Nang. From the sidewalk to the luxury restaurant or , or the markets. This food has many flavors: Quang Frog noodle, Quang chicken noodle, Quang noodle shrimp paste, .. you can choose the one of taste you like to eat.

From 7:30 am - 11:00 am - Visiting  Ngu Hanh Son

da nang day trip

Ngu Hanh Son is one of the destinations you can not miss when coming to Da Nang. This place is a masterpiece of nature give Danang. Ngu Hanh Son include five limestone mountains that rising from the sea such as: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son, Tho Son. That is reason this place have name - Ngu Hanh Son. Not only beautiful nature but also an interesting sightseeing where the visitors can admire the sophisticated stone sculptures. Coming here you can buy a few items  to your family or your friends. 

From 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Lunch and rest

da nang day trip

This is a time for you have a rest to keep your health after a morning of exhaustion at tourist locations. You can choose rice or delicious dishes of Danang such as pork rolls, pork rolls, pancakes, ...for your lunch. These dishes are delicious and is extremely affordable. You enjoy it

From 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm- Son Tra Peninsula

da nang day trip

We will spend the afternoon in Son Tra peninsula, not because this is a place far away from the city that this place has so many interesting things. So you have to feel slowly all of this place. First, let go at Linh Ung Pagoda. This is a sacred temple and extremely beautiful position. You tend to pray for peace, health and good luck here.

When you have finished the incense, you can start your journey through the jungle to explore the rich of ecosystem in this place. There is a thousand year old banyan tree, remember to save the moments in this place. When exploring the jungle you will have the opportunity to meet the rare species. But watch them quietly from afar. After crossing this long route, you will go to the top of the mountain. To get to the top of the chessboard you can travel by motorbike, but enjoying the deep path gives you a more enjoyable feeling. Standing to the top of the chess board you have sense of touching the roof of the city of Da Nang. Now, Da Nang is hid by the rosy red of the sunset. What is very beautiful scenery!

5:00pm - 6:30 pm - Enjoy seafood

da nang day trip

On the way back to the city center you can enjoy the delicious dishes from the sea here. Da Nang is famous with the seafood such as squids, snails, snails, clams, ... the delicious taste of seafood, just talk about the story after the trip together that make you comfortable. This warm space will bring you closer together after the trip.

After 6:30 pm - Travel around Da Nang city

This is a private time for you. In Danang, there are many kinds of entertainment and you can choose such as: walking at love bridge, watching movies at CGV, walking along the beach, shopping at vincom or go to Asian park, .

With a one busy day, you have some features of Da Nang in sight. To make your trip smooth and scientific, reasonable, you can choose the form of travel tour of Quang Da Travel Company through hotline : +84 913278151. With a variety of tour and attentive services, visitors will have the most fun and exciting moments when traveling here and book da nang tour package

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