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Experience winter of Europe in the heart of Ba Na

Thứ tư,08/11/2017

As we know through Europe or other medias, winter in Europe is very cold. Maybe when “enjoying” winter in Europe through screens, everyone wants to wear warm coats, sit down next to a fireplace in the cold weather with friends to enjoy the delicious cup of cappuccino. However, it is very hard for you to have a trip to Europe and experience winter in there because of high travel frees. Don’t need to go to Chau Au, your family and you can enjoy winter of the distant country in Ba Na Hills - a tiny France in the heart of Da Nang.

Be located on high terrain, Ba Na Hills in Da Nang has convenient natural conditions such as cool year-round weather and fog so when coming here you will feel be in real Europe. For tourists to experience an Europe winter in Viet Nam, Ba Na has been equipped with the system of 1.500m cable cars. Sitting on cable cars , tourists can have a chance of crossing pristine forests in fog, they will have a motion of being occult and stimulating imagination.

mùa đông bà nà

After using cable cars, the next stop for tourists is Fantasy Park. This is a famous park in Asia with about 100 free games for tourists to play comfortably. This place has lots of brain games and thrilling games which are suitable for all ages, especially children. With design idea from novel “journey to the centre of earth” and “twenty thousands miles submarine” of French writer-Jules Verne, Fantasy with large-scale and unique style surely make you interested.

In a cold weather of Ba Na, tourists can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with lovers in space of luxurious and ancient Paris at Coffee Pastal.

mùa đông bana

After a long day of visiting Ba Na Hills, the night is an ideal for tourists to gather together and enjoy delicious meals with favour of Europe, Asia eating and drinking in Morin restaurant.
Coming here, tourists can have chances to enjoy comfortable times by massage voucher 50%. at Anpaz Spa and immerse in relaxing space which is designed by Europe style at the three-star Morin hotel. 

In Ba Na, sellers sell and show a lot of special goods which many tourists love and choose to buy as meaningful gifts for relatives. Especially, they can comfortably choose lovely and special souvenirs with voucher 30%.

mùa đông bana

It will be great if tourists can come here with their lovers. On ancient streets of France,  couples can hold hands and take a walk around churches, squares, streets with Europe architecture. 

Tourists can directly watch and touch wax statues carved images of famous characters in the world. This is a unique area for displaying in Viet Nam.

Le Jadin D’Amour garden is a romantic  setting for many kinds of flowers for couples to express their loves. This place has many different flowers in the world, even rare flowers.You can watch villas, squares, cellars with ancient styles without putting a step on Europe.

mùa đông bana

This is really an interesting experience for you and your lovers to have trips and wonderful motions in this journey, this thing surely two you closer. Therefore, if you want to warm love or bring small happiness and surprises to your lovers, you should mote this and take a plan for a romantic trip.

If you want to take a trip crossing many provinces to Ba Na hills to experience winter in Europe, but you are worried about finding prestigious homestays, risks in that trip. Therefore, you should book bana hill tour or da nang tours of Quang Da Travel. 

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With these above shares, wish you have a happy and safe trip!

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