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The beautiful coffee shop in Da Nang

Thứ ba,14/11/2017

Da Nang is something very poetic and mysterious in my mind. It is not only beautiful but also civilized and polite in appearance, timely and always turn. What is an impression city! Every time we come to Da Nang, we alway go to lots of famous places or come to adventurous places with my friends. In the evening I usually walk on street with my friends  and drink coffee in the city center. We share about some things such as: job, plan, love...There are many lovely coffee shop in Da Nang. So I will give you some name of coffee shop which I like

1.The Garden

coffee shop da nang

If you are person who likes cool and salty taste of the sea, you will not forget the name "The Garden". It is considered as a city with the most beautiful view in Da Nang. The Garden located in Vo Nguyen Giap street, when you stay here you can see a long beach and catch the cool breeze. That is great!

The Garden is decorated by the white tone of the curtain and the sea blue color of the table. They were mixed with sunlight. With this decor you can come here and take some beautiful photo. The Garden with large custom, especially  foreign, they are very fond of this coffee shop. There are good drinks that have the same styles as those of the restaurant Jeju Island in Korea.

2.Golem Cafe

coffee shop da nang

Unlike the sea coffee in The Garden, Golem is "her" garden on Tran Quoc Toan street. It is decorated with a blue of the trees and the furniture of the West, but it is very natural, rustic that makes people come here are interested and happy. 

Not less "sharp", less "talent", Golem make you impressed to the space of a miniature garden full of glittering lights at night falls. This is a good day for alls of you. Drinks are not only delicious but also cute. This place is suitable for her take photo and update on facebook. 

3.Shop our "corner of the house"

coffee shop da nang

Having a lovely name, this cafe receives a lot of love of tourists at home and abroad, especially the young. If Hue has 1976 coffee, Danang will have "our corner of the house" that decorated by the beautiful gadgets of his "grandparents" like the old TV, the old cub 81, the iron window, .. The scene of "intense childhood" is very honest and emotional. At this coffee, you can change your taste by a soft dishes such as green bean cake, hot tea, .. It is strange mouth and extremely delicious!

4.Nam house

coffee shop da nang

It is similar to the style of "our house corner", NAM house brings his customers back to "a ticket to childhood" with the scene is very rustic and close. The special point that made many customers complained is the wifi system in the restaurant. It is too bad. Shopkeeper said that they want their customers look at each other and chat instead of surfing and chatting through social networks. What a cute idea and meaningful!


coffee shop da nang

Just heard the name was cool. If you want to find a place to avoid heat, enjoy tea and rest, you tend to choose Kokogreen. I think it is the perfect choice. The food and drinks are great, styles design in the restaurant is very modern with the white color and cool eyes. 

This is one of the beautiful coffee in Da Nang. It is easily to find some destinations with google map. If you want to choose Viet Nam to explore, you can access on website or book da nang tours . It has lots of information about travel, hotel and list timetable for you. 

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Wish you have a fun journey with your friends and your family in Da Nang city!

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