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Hundreds of tourists enjoy the weekend market in Da Nang

Thứ tư,15/11/2017

Da Nang is not only city of stunning bridges but also dynamic and diversified forms of tourism. At the weekend, there are many people who choose to take a stand to see fire spray, water droplets on the majestic Dragon Bridge, but others like the busy shopping at the weekend market. The others prefer busy shopping at the weekend market. It is one of the special market in Da Nang that makes Foreign tourists feel interested. To find out what this special market is, please follow our article below.

chợ đêm đà nẵng

Da Nang is modern city but it not too gross and market too. Maybe it makes tourists impressed. The special market in Da Nang open from 17 pm to 22 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. In this market, there are lots of diversified products such as: clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, telephone accessories. You can choose without spending lots of time to buy in discrete shop. The market is open at night so this is really a relaxing time for everyone.

The couple often hold the hand around the market to buy the pair of extremely cute. Especially the girls, the West balo guy who are very interested in this type of exciting activities in Da Nang.Not only selling the needed items but the market also sells extremely delicious and cheap food for everyone.That is convenient!

chợ đêm đà nẵng

chợ đêm đà nẵng

chợ đêm đà nẵng

There are many store sell beautifully and cleanly  foods; But there is a local produce store that have scented food attract anyone pass and enjoy. In addition to the delicious snacks of Vietnam, the food court of the market also brings dishes from your country such as Thailand barbecue smoke up, fragrant and enjoy. Eat well, then let our hair down. Nothing is more wonderful and exciting than the exchanges performance of freestyles and extremely heart and soul at the show area of art market. You can swing with the music, effective stress after hours of hard work. That is great! 

Although the first time  tourists come to Da Thanh land, but the hospitality and the extremely civilized and modern forms of this place make them very excited. Visitors like Danang because this place has the sea - a speciality highlight that nature gave Danang.

chợ đêm đà nẵng

Da Nang have a long coastline and embrace city in the heart. You just take a few minutes from the weekend market to go to the sea. The atmosphere is different from the busy market before. You will be asked  by salty smell of the sea. But you don’t worry because everything will be soothed by the sparkling space. 

It is no less exciting than the first market. People often choose go to the sea on the early morning or late afternoon.  At this time, the sunlight has faded weather the sea seems more pleasant. Everyone tend to bathe, watch the sunrise, people kick the ball, play badminton, .. air activity though "mess" in many types but very happy.

Da Nang beach is very clean, It is difficult to you find out a sample of bread on the sand, just a few feet away immediately see the penguins waiting mouth waste from your hand. Security system in Da Nang beach is also very secure, so visitors from the other country feel relieved, you will be have protection and love from our country. 

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