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What to visit in Ba Na Hill

Thứ bảy,23/12/2017

Sightseeing by cable car

From the cabin of the cable car you can see the vast space of Ba Na with clouds, mountains, jungle, waterfalls ... as beautiful as the view from the famous cable car in South Africa, Hong Kong or Langkawi ...
Ba Na cable car is divided into two routes from Suoi Mo station to Ba Na station, the first one, from Ba Na station to Morin station is the second leg. Mo stream up Indochine Railway Station. You can choose one way and one way to have different experiencesm , book ba na hill tour or da nang tours to see more
Ba Na cable car is beautiful, colorful and lively, each cabin occupies about 6-8 adults, spacious and comfortable.
Take the mountain train
The mountain train service is not included in the cable car fare which is paid separately but quite interesting for you to reach the Le Jardin D'Amour area, and the Debay cellar or the Peace House. But the price is quite expensive, Adult Price: 70.0000 VND / ticket; Children from 1m to 1m3: 50,000 VND / ticket; Children under 1 m are free. So when I went with my friends, the whole family was healthy and my family did not go to this ship. But if the family has children, they are very eager to board this boat. When traveling, adults should also keep children away from falling on the brakes or stopping.
This mountain climbing train can accommodate 80 people, every 15 minutes there is a trip, running on a cable 400m long on the mountain to feel quite new for you, although crowded but do not have to wait too long.

Visiting Le Jardin D'Amour

This is an area where you definitely want to take pictures here for the longest time. As this is a large flower garden is divided into 9 small flower garden designed in European style, romantic, ancient with beautiful flowers, brilliant and magnificent. Each small flower garden with a different theme and layout is very interesting for tourists.
In Le Jardin D'Amour gardens also have a mysterious labyrinth extremely shady, quiet for you to roam. But the area outside the labyrinth is slightly sunny, flowers or small decorative scenery is below the low, which usually up here is about 10 am or early afternoon.



Go to Linh Ung Pagoda
 Linh Ung Pagoda, one of the 3 Linh Ung Pagoda in Da Nang. After the cable car you will pilgrimage to Linh Ung Pagoda to burn incense. This is one of the 3 Linh Ung Pagoda in Da Nang, the temple has a 27m high Buddha statue of the Buddha, the statue is designed with 8 faces showing 8 stages in the life of the Buddha. The temple also has a garden - where the Buddha preached for the first time.
Linh Ung Pagoda has a very large campus, walking freely in the temple if there is a wide time, also to 1-2h, the campus in the temple is cool, not quiet as the fun side. 

Son Tra Tour


French village area
This is a new area built and put into operation in Ba Na. Dubbed as an ancient Europe on the top of Ba Na, French colonial architecture was designed by the famous French architects. You will find the French culture when exploring the architecture of Ba Na Hills. With ancient, magnificent palaces, paved streets, gothic style iron fences ... this is really a highlight of architecture for Ba Na mountain. Since the launch, many couples have come here for wedding photos or honeymoons.
Buy souvenirs for relatives:
Cham Stone is the only high-end souvenir shop in Ba Na Hills with hundreds of varied and rich designs. Here you can carve a portrait or buy unique and interesting little gifts for loved ones. But of course, the price here is expensive. I personally feel about the center of Da Nang buy gifts are local products for friends and relatives just delicious cheap.
Enjoy the wine in the Debay Wine Cellar
The cellar was built by the French in 1923, for the purpose of storing wines, especially wines. The wine cellar was built in monolithic rock deep in the cave so many years but the wine cellar is still intact in Ba Na.
This is information that I also refer to it but actually 3 times Ba Na also did not have at any time, because feel not very excited with wine, outside there are too many exciting and new For those who like to take 1000 photos in 1000 places like yourself.
Visiting the wax museum
It displays copies of politicians, celebrities from all over the world. It will be interesting to see and be able to meet with scientists such as Albert Einstein, President Obama, celebrities, soccer stars, basketballs: David Backham, Lionel Messi, Jacky Chan ... Admission is 100,000 / adult, and children over 1.3m. Children under 1.3m will be free of charge.
If you have never visited a wax museum then this is where you should visit, very interesting, but some children will feel scared though these statues look just like real people. But if you went to the wax museum in Singapore or Thailand, then I think you can ignore it, because the museum is different from the character but similar.

Ba Na hill day  tour

Fantasy Park
When traveling to Ba Na hills you can not ignore this Fantasy Park indoor area of ​​up to 21,000m2 and meet international standards. Most in-house games range from simple kids games to thrilling games such as Tower Slider Jump, Mountain Climbing, Exploring the Haunted Treasure, The Century Turn, King of Car Crash ... are free, included in the fare. These games are not as terrible as the names, but for the precaution you take note should not play the risk of eating too full or fearful.
If you go to the group, these games are the most, play teammates, group play to race, crash ... will see some hours in it just like 30 '. If you are going to play one to two people, it will be boring.
Games on the game machine need 2 coins (4000 for each). Teenagers like these things but playing long is quite expensive for their parents, hi hi.
There is a game of speeding in the outdoors quite fun, like sliding in the Datanla Da Lat waterfall but look more refined, investment slider more majestic and also attract many youngsters to play again many times because of the feeling quite insurance.

Ba Na hill day tour


Where to eat in Ba Na Hill:
In Ba Na, there are three options for lunch:
- Enjoy 30 buffet lunch at Morin Restaurant for 195,000 / adult and  97,000 / child. The restaurant has spacious space, the food processing is clean, suitable for the taste of the majority of customers, although slightly dish. This is the simplest way, meeting all the needs of the team members and not prepared anything.
- Take food by yourself and eat in the lounge area and eat in the amusement park. This will help you save money but have to bring quite a few furniture.
- Have lunch at the restaurant. This method is quite expensive because the above restaurants are also expensive.
List of restaurants in Ba Na hills
1. Hoi An Restaurant: Serves local dishes: rice noodles, rice noodles
2. Doumer Restaurant: Serves fast food, fruit, soft drinks
3. Morin Restaurant: Local Cuisine, Asian Set & Auctions 
4. Beer The Du Dôme: specializes in serving wild foods such as buffalo, duck and duck
heaven and calf; BBQ, fresh beer, fresh beer Hanoi
5. Kavkaz Restaurant: Typical barbecues in the Caucasus (Russia), grilled ribs,
baked steak, Russian salad.
6. Buffet Club Restaurant: Buffet 3 in the North - Central - South; Menu 68
7. Vista Buffet Restaurant (Russia): Cuisine of the Caucasus (Russia);
8. La Lavande restaurant:
9. Le Jardin Restaurant (B6): 
10. Brasserie Restaurant (B8): / Italian Cuisine
11. LA PENSEE RESTAURANT: Convenient Combom
12. LE TERROIR RESTAURANT: French pastry world
13. La Crique & Café Restaurant:
14. L'Etable Restaurant: Traditional Vietnamese and Asian cuisine

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