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Mean of Ba Na Name

Thứ bảy,23/12/2017

Ba Na the name of a mountain in the district of Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city, about 25km southwest of the city center. What does that mean? The origin of the name Ba Na, some people think that when the French arrived in this area, there are many banana trees, so called Banana Mountain, Vietnamese people gradually read to deviate into Ba Na. The writer Nguyen Ngoc said that Ba Na is the Katu meaning "my mountain ". Another legend holds that the name of the mountain is the name of Ponagar or her mother Thien Yah Na, book ba na hills tour

Bana was commissioned by Marin Debay in April 1901 when he was ordered by the Governor General of Indochina Paul Doumer to search for a cool climate to build a French nursing home in the Middle Kingdom. 

ba na hill


In the early 20th century, when the French colonialists landed in Da Nang, Ba Na became a place for the generals of France to enjoy fun. Ba Na quickly became one of the most famous and largest resorts in Indochina, attracting many tourists on a par with Le Bockor (Cambodia), Cap Saint Jacques (Vung Tau), Tam Dao, Sa Pa .

Then, as a consequence of the war, Ba Na gradually became forgotten, became a desolate place, not frequented. The traces of disintegration, abandonment Ba Na has become a historical witness to the cruelty of war as well as the brave, brave people of Danang.

In early 1998, the People's Committee of Da Nang City decided to rebuild Ba Na into a large-scale ecological tourism resort with a system of rest houses, restaurants, conservation areas ... The road from the foot of the mountain to the peak of Ba Na long 15 km was asphalted, convenient for traffic. After 2000, Ba Na was woken up and re-established as a tourist town and soon returned to the status of one of the most popular tourist areas of Da Nang.

ba na hill

At present, Ba Na Hills Resorts is being managed and built by Sun Group with total investment of hundreds of billions VND. The investment in this look that when coming to Ba Na, many local people are really surprised by the change . Not only is the "green lung", the "Pearl jewelery" in the climate that nature has given Danang, Ba Na also became the most modern tourist destinations in the Southeast ASIAN.
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