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The big event of Da Nang tourism

Thứ ba,28/02/2017

With the goal of building and turning tourism into a spearhead economic sector, the years of Danang have been investing heavily concentrated powerful economic sector and initially obtained great success. Currently, many tourism events has become the trademark of Da Nang has numerous domestic and foreign tourists received. introduce some remarkable events have been and will happen.

Spring Flower Festival

On every occasion of Lunar New Year, Danang often spring flower festival. This is quite significant activity and attract a lot of tourists and foreign tourist arrival in Da Nang. Particularly at the annual spring flower with distinctive features, new and rich variety of activities, attractions such as Festival celebrates spring, animations dragon Assembly nearby populations, early spring buds picked scene, he maps the word, competition write the legend of flowers, the performances, dance music, drum assembly, lion dance, puppets and puppet parade ...

The unique features of spring flowers in Da Nang Association is the program implementation fashion show has been preparing sophisticated and highly professional, and they also have the spring contest dolls, painting, artistic talent ... in particular, the "old New Year - this New Year" has many vivid images of habits and customs of traditional daily life of the villages of Vietnam. Thanks to many exciting activities and novelties so should every year spring flower festival has attracted over 600,000 visitors to visit

International fireworks festival in Da Nang

International Fireworks Festival Danang is held annually always for everyone, especially tourists. But for the people of Danang, the brand owner of the fireworks Danang International have the pleasure to others, besides fun watching fireworks. For visitors, this is the fourth year to enjoy "a banquet of light", with artistic performances fireworks extravaganza, has brought tens of thousands of spectators, tourists novelty emotion .. .
This will be the second encounter to citizens and visitors to enjoy the display "Light Banquet" of the powerful nation of fireworks.Book da nang tour

Da Nang - Summer Meeting

This is a program by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Danang in collaboration with a number of units involved in the organized sector for the purpose of promotion and tourism promotion Danang. At the same time create an atmosphere of lively competition for the audience is the hotel staff, restaurant, bar and summer people in sports activities, physical fitness, health promotion.

In addition to cultural activities, sports, arts, music by the Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism jointly organized, there are other activities of enterprises in the province, such as: organizing promotions in resort large calendar; tours, chef competitions; activities in the marine leisure sports park and the South China Sea tourist resorts such as the South China Sea, Xuan Thieu, Sandy Beach, Furama ... and shows tours, explore coastal city of Da Nang: like watching san Snorkeling coral, fishing and fishermen, Discover Son Tra, Ngu Hanh Son, Enjoy Bana, the connection tour Hue, Hoi An ...

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