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Coconut Forest in Hoi An, Quang Nam

Thứ bảy,23/12/2017

Come to Hoi An, most of us think of a world cultural heritage with quiet quiet town. However, here you can also visit, experience, explore the vast Cam Thanh coconut forest with a variety of services.
Eco Resort is located in Group 2, Can Nhan Village, Cam Thanh Commune, Hoi An City is in the coconut forest space, has large aquarium and many leafy houses, around the resort garden. Coconut, creek, enjoy the feeling of water and harmony with nature.
Here you will have the opportunity to visit the coconut forest, explore the nature, enjoy the fun and fresh seafood. In particular, there will be games between the huts, you can experience the exciting, dynamic, and award-winning folk games.

coconut  villiage  tour

Visitors to the 7-year-old coconut forest on Hoi An Island will see the monkey bridge across canals and canals. Guests can experience fishing fun on the monkey bridge. Guests will be dropped fishing rods and prey. There are lots of fish swimming around. Standing on the bridge can be seen clearly. Including carp and red snapper. These are the fish species that were raised for fun fishing in the jungle of seven tourists.


Visitors prefer this activity especially the West. They first experience and feel very interesting. There are many people sitting on the basket and sailing in the middle of the lake for fishing. Do not stand on the shore or on the bridge. Because they are hoping to go further, the more fish they have, the easier it is to bite. However, children will be the guests will be processed into dishes to enjoy on the spot

Coconut  villiage  tour

Today, 7 acres of coconut forest is not only a relic of special historical value but also a unique ecological area with mangrove forests with beautiful scenery. It is also home to many valuable sea animals, especially shrimp, crabs, crabs and molluscs. Sea shells are home to many marine species. These mangrove ecosystems also act as biological filters, accumulate and decompose wastes, purify water before returning to the sea.

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