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My son is located in Duy Phu district, Duy Xuyen district, 70 km southwest of Da Nang city, about 10 km west of Tra Kieu town in the west of the valley.
My son is the Sanctuary  of the Champa kingdom. More than 70 stone buildings, built from the 7th to 13th century, My Son became the most important architectural center of the Champa Kingdom. The large church in My Son worship a set of Linga or idol of the god Siva - the protection of the king of Champa. The god who is worshiped in My Son is Bhadrésvara, the first king of the first king of the Amaravati region in the late 4th century to be associated with the god Siva, becoming the idolatrous government-king and queen.


One of the most distinctive features of the tower's architecture is the pictures taken on the wall of the tower and the tower. The user used a thin material to build and the staff made contact with the wall in the pictures, exquisite. In 1898, the My Son ruins were discovered by a Frenchman named M.C Paris.

Precursor of this ancient My Son architectural complex, according to the remains, is a wooden temple dedicated to Diva Bhadresvera. But by the end of the sixth century, a fire devastated the wooden shrine. The curtain of history has been gradually advancing through ancient inscriptions and inscriptions showing that My Son is the most important holy place of the Cham people from the end of the fourth century to the century. XV. With burnt bricks and sandstone, for centuries Cham people have erected a unique temple complex



  After the discovery of the My Son ancient tower, many of the typical objects in it, especially the statue of female dancers, worshiping gods of the Cham people, worship animals as well as scenes of community activities have been Bring back to Da Nang city to build a museum of Champa architecture. Although not a lot, these artifacts are typical sculptural works, it has a cultural value of a people, but more than that, there are living evidence, authentic history One of the ethnic groups in the Vietnamese community is rich in cultural traditions.
 If you have a chance to visit My Son on the full moon night, you will feel the full beauty of sparkling and deep, as well as harmonious atmosphere of the mountain, surrounded by mountains.





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